Bombay-Alibag ferries to carry cars!

19 October 2010 at 23:31 
A trip to Goa, Alibaug and even Navi Mumbai will soon get shorter.The state has approved a
Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority(MMRDA) plan to start roll-on-roll-off ferry services from the Ferry Wharf,also known as Bhaucha Dh
akka to Mandwa.
It has also given its nod to starting services between Bhaucha Dhakka and spots in Navi Mumbai-likeVashi, Nerul and Belapur.
Estimated to cost around Rs 200 crore,the project will involve designating a channel connecting Ferry Wharf to Mandwa through these services,
which will be able to transport large vehicles and commuters.

Metropolitan commissioner Ratnakar Gaikwad, confirmed the development.
A senior MMRDA official on condition of anonymity, as he is not authorised to speak to the media said,
“This project will be beneficial to car commuters because it will
 cut down the travel time and will free up road space in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.”
The state will also involve the Maharashtra Maritime Board who will decide on the exact channel that these services will use,which the MMRDA will then develop and desilt.
 The board will also develop the infrastructure necessary for these services.
“This includes developing the jetties, the land around the jetties and ensuring adequate space for the ferries to be docked,”said the official
The MMRDA will draw up plans for these services, which will then sent for environmental clearance. It plans to appoint a private firm to manage and run the operations.

Bombay-Bangalore on NH8
12 October 2010 at 23:10
If you want to go to McD at Kolhapur, remember it is in the south-north direction, you will have to take the service road and take a U-turn
Remember to retain your toll ticket for the Dharwad-Hubli bypass, since it has to be shown at the exit
After Haveri bypass, the road to Ranebennur has many unmarked humps which can catch you unawares
The Harihar-Davangere bypass has no signages, go with the trucks!!
Remember to retain your toll ticket for the Tumkur-Nelamangala road, since it has to be shown at the exit
The elevated road from Nelamangala towards Bangalore has just opened, there are no proper signages, and if you are taking the NICE Road to bypass Bangalore, watch out in advance to get off the elevated road to the service road leading up to the ramp for the NICE Road
Road condition good, facilities decent, but gets poorer once you leave Belgaum
 Kumar sir you mentioned NH8, should be NH4 right?

For those driving North to South, if coming down on NH8 from Ahmedabad, you can take the road via Surat, Saputara & Nashik to Pune to avoid Bombay region
23 October 2010 at 10:05
Rohit Bhogle reports that road conditions are excellent on the Surat-Bardoli-Vyara-Saputara-Vani-Nashik road

Yellow Strips on RHS headlamps in Gujarat - watch out, cops have now started harassing out-of-state motorists in the Sardar Patel Ring Road used to bypass Ahmedabad city

07 October 2010 at 09:05 
I don't think bikes have this rule, don't remember A'bad bikers having stickers

When you are driving on NH8 from Udaipur to Ahmedabad, beware the ghat roads between Rishabdeo and Shamlaji are great fun but curb tendency to over-speed, you can easily lose control on the curves
07 October 2010 at 01:12
If you want to see how centrifugal force works,try overspeeding on that section

The Golden Lollipop tour of Rajasthan:

06 October 2010 at 11:55











Do you see the Lollipop in the map!!!??

How does one avoid Pune city if driving from south (NH4) to Shirdi or Nashik (NH50)?

22 September 2010 at 16:32

This is how:








Continue on NH4 on the Bombay bypass, and instead of taking the expressway to Bombay continue on NH4 via Dehu Rad to Talegaon. At Talegaon, turn right onto the Chakan toll road. At Chakan, you will get onto NH50 coming from Pune and proceed to Nashik/Shirdi

No city traffic, no confusion, best solution for someone who is new to the region

However, I note that it adds 70 kms more! But that is the price to pay not to get lost inside Pune city!


Shirdi to Hyderabad Route Options,as per Ashish Pallod on TBHP
1)Shirdi-Nagar-Karmala-Barshi-Osmanabad-Tuljapur-Naldurg-NH9:Bad condition
2)Shirdi-rahata-rahuri-nagar-karmala-tembhurni-nh9-solapur-hyd.:Best Option
3]Shirdi-ahmadnagar-jamkhed-potoda-manjarsumba-nh2xx-yermala-osmnabad-tuljapur-district road-naldurg-nh9-omerga-hyd:Second option,advisable only for daytime travel between Jamkhed & Osmanabad.

22 September 2010 at 13:09

Kaas Plateau is in its Full glory,also don't miss mighty Thosegar Falls nearby.Follow the NH4 till Satara,take the first exit (3-4 kms before Satara).Continue following the Sajjangad driving direction boards.You will find a T junction in left you will se a small tunnel,this route leads to Sajjangad,Thosegar Falls.And the route on the right hand side leads you to KAAS Plateau.
Here are some pics of my ride.!/album.php?id=572780375&aid=281857

Kaas Plateau - Thosegar Falls

Awesome ride to KAAS plateau and THOSEGAR Falls on Sunday. Had lots of fun with Rakshas raaj - Ravan (Rishabhhh),Kashif - D tourer and RockRZ

by:Rohit Upadhyay


20 September2010 at 20:25

Flowers are going to last till mid of october(as per the guards who were there).From Satara its 40 mins ride.Powai chowk,is it the one which has 5-7 roads (near nagar parishad office) going in different directions..Sorry dont know much about satara city :D :D.Once you are off from the Main Highway.We get around 2-3 chowks.On those chowks we have to always follow the leftmost route Damn, ayodhya verdict, the Kaas trip looks a non-starter

Once you are off the highway, go in to Satara, all the way till the bus stop. You'd find 40 - 50 shacks serving food made and sold on carts. 
Remember to cross the shivaji chowk and proceed straight.
There are boards above the road whic
h prominently point to Kaas/ Thosegar etc. 
From the bus stop one road to the left starts climbing up. In case you are lost ask for Bogda and all locals know the bogda (tunnel). 
Just before you enter the tunnel, there's a road to the right. 
Kaas is 30 mins drive on the ghats that start from the road. Do not enter the tunnel.

Did a recent trip to Solapur-Naldurg-Bijapur , National Highways 9 (Pune-Solapur-Naldurg) and NH13 (Solapur-Bijapur).

Photos by Jayaram, 17 Sep 2010 - Had gone to Naldurg , Solapur Fort and Bijapur over the 18-19 Sep weekend. Some photos of the same.
20 September 2010 at 11:57
 NH9 is good / bad / good / bad with some excellent and some very very bad sections especially around towns like indapur and small towns. One toll road in this section is excellent and amazing. Rest of the road is in pieces on and off, with good / bad roads. Pune - Solapur was done in about 6 hours with breaks ( i went by bus)
NH9 post solapur is good with bad / very bad patches in between upto Naldurg (47 kms from solapur). Some of the stretches are the best I've ever seen of NH9, did this in a car.
 What to look out for : very bad roads , big craters around towns enroute which are nasty. Else you can easily maintain 60-80 speeds on the rest.
NH13 between Solapur and Bijapur update :
NH13 is 4 laned and good just out of solapur town until about 15kms ahead where it becomes 2 lane. Roads are excellent post that but narrow as this is a 2 lane highway. Can maintain good speeds upto... KA border roads. Once in KA the roads go to hell in between especially near the RTO checkpost where there is a big JAM caused by trucks stopped and unruly traffic overtaking them.
Post KA checkpost roads are good / bad in patches , some very bad sections from checkpost to Horti with big potholes and small ones where vehicles go to the shoulder.
Post Horti some distance excellent to amazing roads upto Bijapur (about 40-45kms) where good speeds are maintainable. Watch out for idiots from villages trying to run on the roads.

What to look out for on NH13 : Nasty potholes , truck traffic is a lot on this route , unruly cab drivers overtaking everything in sight and doing idiotic maneuvers near the potholes , villagers jay walking on the highway.
NH9 (Pune-Solapur) : There is a small toll section (no idea of charges as I was in a bus). No toll from Solapur to Naldurg.
NH13 (Solapur - Bijapur) : Just before exiting Solapur about 20 kms ahead there is a toll for cars/trucks/buses.... Solapur regn vehicles are exempted from toll. No idea of what they charge as we were in a Solapur regn jeep.

You did a Pune-Solapur-Bijapur-Solapur-Naldurg circuit? Where did you stay?
Album of Naldurg Fort is fascinating, never thought it was such a magnificent fort with "captive" waterfalls, etc - I have always driven by without giving it a second glance!
 How does one go to Ibrahim Rouza?
Stay was at Solapur at a marriage hall - we had contacts there , 100 bucks for 2 days :) , it was bare minimum , not suitable for family but we were all gents 
Naldurg is indeed an amazing fort to go, just that it takes away 5 hrs to see it as its quite huge. 
Ibrahim Rouza - Coordinates: 1649'42"N 7542'2"E , located inside bijapur itself. We need to ask for Taj Bawdi which is located just off Shivaji Chowk (Mulukh - E- Maidan cannon). Ask anyone for Taj Bawdi and take the right from taj bawdi upto a distance of about 400metres. On your left is Ibrahim Rouza.

Ibrahim Rouza is a mausoleum and a mosque together.
Correction : Ibrahim Rouza Coordinates: 1649'37"N 7542'8"E

Be careful while driving inside Ahmedabad city as one can easily get into the BRTS lane and cops always wait at the end to fine the cars.Problem is the lanes are not well marked at all exit and entry points to indicate if its brts or not.For me I did not even know brts existed in AMD and so ended up inside a lane,luckily the cop gave me a looka nd let me go seeing my AP number!Good person!
20 September 2010 at 11:13
Any harassment under the pretext that the headlamp has no yellow sticker? I have been harassed by cops inside the city
I was expecting to be stopped for this,but surprisingly nobody stopped me,inspite of clearly seeing it as an AP vehicle or maybe they thouht I am some poor soul who would have nothing for them seeing the car that I drive haha
Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer:

The route to be taken is AMD-Mehsana-Palanpur-Deesa-Tharad-Sanchore-Barmer-J'mer.
Do not take the road to Dhanera at Deesa.This is a short cut which joins up directly at Sanchore,but road is terrible as per locals.The NH15 inside Sanchore town is terrible,took up 30mins to get in and out of the town for a stretch of 5kms!!!
NH15 from Tharad to J'mer,be ready for a long lonely drive.we only had a couple of camels for company!The only place to eat is at Barmer,a lovely oasis in the desert on the left called Good Hall,it is a tented restaurant,serving yummy food.bang opposite a new age BP Pump.BP seems to be modernising all their pumps and seem to be doing a good job at it as well.Thumbs up to them,even on this stretch lovely huge pumps have come up at Sanchore & Barmer.

20 September 2010 at 11:09
The Deesa-Dhanera-Sanchore road was narrow but in good condition when I went many years ago. The new petrol pumps are a pleasant surprise, the route used to have no petrol pumps at all! Good washrooms in the new BPCL pumps?
Yes now good pumps at Palanpur,Deesa,Sanchore,Barmer.The one in Sanchore at the border takes the cake,its a huge curving kind of pump with atleast 8 dispensers in a line,very unique style of construction.Did not use the washrooms anywhere,did not want to venture!!No traffic jams at Sanchore,there are no roads within the town!!!!
AMD-Jaisalmer took us 10hours with a 30minute break in between.Arrow straight roads with just one turn to the right at Barmer!!

Hotel Platinum Inn/Tariff INR 2500 incl of breakfast & taxes(these are Ramky rates!!)we met him when in AMD,this is just off Ashram Road.Easy to find.
Country Inn Suites by Carlson,lovely hotel,INR 2500 with breakfast and taxes in the posh Drive In road,just off SG highway at Thaltej circle.,cheap rates on offer when booked online
We ran into a dust storm on our way to the Thanot Rai temple on the border from Jaisalmer.Totally blinded,luckily for us we had hired a car since we did not want to drive it ourselves.We stopped the car and the driver kept honking till it went away!
BTW,the temple was shown in Border not in Sarfarosh and the priest is a BSF jawan!
The oil installations havent yet come up(or it wasnt on the main highway),but Jaisalmer & Barmer are flourishing because of Cairn & Suzlon(the windmill company)2 big hotels have come up at Barmer on the NH15 thanx to these companies.Surprisingly not much of a difference in fuel prices,just a few paisa difference

Actually, the town in the film Sarfarosh was Bahod, which is near Thanot 

Ajmer:Another respectful place best avoided thanx to narrow roads,shopkeepers waiting to pounce on outsiders.Do not plan Ajmer & Pushkar as a stop-by place enroute to Udp or Jaipur.You need a full day to negotiate,haggle etc.The best way to do this would be to hire a car from Jaipur and do it with the help of a local driver
20 September 2010 at 10:45
Pushkar:Places best avoided IMO.
Filled with curse throwing priests in Pushkar who double up as touts.We were not able to get down from the car because these guys wouldnt let us open the door till we negotiated a price with them.We drove till the temple parking which is anywys a mess,paid our respects and drove out.
Do not take the bypass to the right when you come from Kishengarh,it is a serious off-roading stuff on that road.Please go throug Ajmer town.The bypass is a very scary drive and roads are non-existent on many patches and villagers block the roads demanding for money for them to move the stones.Scary

That is quite crazy. The first time I drove on that road, the villagers had blocked the road with stones, and I had to take a sandy trail. My Matiz sank 1 feet into the sand and we had to dig it out!
We came back to Ajmer from Pushkar and we realised our mistake.Its a lovely road through a ghat.Well marked inside the town.And the best part:it is just 10kms to the Ajmer town center.The icing on the cake was the entry into Pushkar,some people claiming they are from the temple authority,stopped our car and demanded 35rs sayin its a temple entry tax and gave us a hand written receipt,whereas on the Ajmer town road we didnt find anything of this sort.So much for religious tourism!!!
Yes even we had to go through narrow alleys and villages on that bypass road as the main road was all waterlogged

NH8 Vapi to Vadodara NE1
Excellent roads,easily maintain 100kph,excellent facilities to eat and rest between Surat & Vadodara.I havent seen these many restaurants on any other highway stretch in India (with the limited number roads that I have driven).Every 1 km there is a restaurant serving clean veg only food.Lovely BP pumps all the way,and most of them accept cards!!

20 September 2010 at 10:08
 There is a lovely restaurant/resort just before you enter the NE1 at Vadodara on your left named PLazzo.Lovely place with excellent washrooms.You cant miss it,it is a km before the circle where the left takes you to NH8 and the straight takes you to the NE1.
There are some flyover works in progress after Vapi towards AMD,but after that none whatsoever.The Ankleshwar bridge is still a mess if you reach there early in the morning,while going it was a breeze when we reached there around 1pm.I still dont understand the logic behind having a toll gate immediately after a bridge,because bridges are designed keeping in mind the moving weight that they have to carry and not stationary weight,whereas here all the trucks stop in line on the bridge thereby running a big risk to both the bridges.
That toll gate collects money for the bridge over the River Narmada, this sis different from the highway toll which is collected a little ahead!

NH8:Mumbai to Vapi
Dahisar Toll to Vapi-Pathetic condition till you cross Mcdonalds at Vapi.Virtually roadless at some place and very very rough tarmac and potholed.
The toll of INR 82 that one pays on this stretch is for nothing,I asked for the complaint book at the Charoti Toll PLaza and the guy feigned as if he didntunderstand what I was asking for,by then traffic began to build up and the guy had the cheek to give me the famous chocolate for change,I gave it back and he promptly gave me change!!!
The road towards Mumbai is in a far worse condition as compared to the one going out of Mumbai.Back breaking drive in both directions and the bridge at Ghodbunder junction takes the cake thanks to total mismanagement by the Mumbai Police by haphazardly getting the truck drivers to stop in the middle of the road for document checks etc.

20 September 2010 at 10:03
Btw,do not stop at the Mcdonalds if you are looking for clean washrooms,it doesnt have washrooms,there is one in the mall which is "DIRTY",depend on nature for the breaks!
The CM, SS and NCP have announced openly that motorists that motorists need not pay t in the Bombay-Thane region if roads are bad, and that is happening
Half the traffic jams on the highway junctions happen because of corrupt cops extorting money from hapless truckers
 IC Colony,Borivli to Vapi Mcdonalds is exactly 140kms took me 2.5hrs while going and while coming back took me slightly more than 3 hrs.This when after a while I decided to go through the potholes and not avoid them(decided to instil full confidence in my tubeless Goodyears!!)

 Comparing Bombay-Pune and Baroda-Ahmedabad Expressways, courtesy H Murthy, on IndiaHighways Yahoo Group:
17 September 2010 at 22:11
‎"The Mumbai Pune expressway does not have protective guard fencing immediately next to the service lane - has it only in bits and gaps. Ahm-Baroda one has it all throughout".
‎"I have seen trucks hitting the guard fence but not going over on 
the Ahm Baroda road. In M-P road the up and down directions are not also not securely separated. A couple of months back a car going at high speed in the Mumbai direction went over to the other side and instantly killed all the 4 occupants of a Swift. The Ahm-Baroda one has a well divided 10 feet stretch separating the up and down streams".

And inputs from my side, I do the Baroda-Ahmedabad e-way 15 minutes faster than the Bombay-Pune expressway (coincidentally, both are the same distance, 100 kms)
also lonavla ghat takes the xtra time on this route whereas baroda-abad is flat out..
Thumbs up for the BDQ-AMD ew.But lacks on facilities as compared to the MPEW.Ofcourse considering the geographical challenges that the MPEW has to endure,I guess the MPEW is indeed a marvel.
PS:I did the Baroda EW faster than the MPEW,covered 100kms in 50mins and not a jerk,ofcourse this was early morning and no overspeeding at all,just maintenance of constant speed did the trick

Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 7 & 8
13 September 2010 at 22:54
Turning back for his return leg, Ranjit had an excellent drive from Jaipur to Udaipur via Pushkar & Ajmer. Instead of continuing on NH8, he went from Ajmer and joined the GQ's NH79 at Nasirabad and took the Bhilwara-Chittorgarh route instead of the Beawar-Bhim-Nathdwara route
Udaipur lakes are full to the brim.can overflow any moment!All rivers and lakes all over Raj are full.
And do you know, just 1.5 months ago, they were totally empty!

Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 5 & 6
11 September 2010 at 23:45 
After completing the Jaisalmer-Jodhpur circuit, Ranjit drove into Jaipur today. He found the Beawar-Ajmer roads terrible, delaying him
 Kumar sir how terrible are the Beawar - Ajmer roads and what is the state of Beawar - Jodhpur and Jodhpur - Jaisalmer and Jaisalmer - Bikaner roads ?
Jodhpur-Jaislamer is good, as per Ranjit who drove on it last week. For Jaisalmer-Bikaner, I have no current update but that is not a road that gets affected by rains, it is normally a very good road. I will leave it to Ranjit to reply about the Beawar-Jodhpur road since he has been on it now.
Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 4

09 September 2010 at 22:43

He drove from Jaislamer to Jodhpur - 300 kms in 4 hours. Reports some bad roads en route, but for most part the road is superb.

Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 3

08 September 2010 at 19:50

Enjoying the blazing heat in Jaislamer!
He drove to the border town of Thanot

Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 2

07 September 2010 at 21:41

Drove from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer via Palanpur, Tharad, Barmer. Great roads, says Ranjit
Ranjit Puzhankara in Rajasthan - Day 1

06 September 2010 at 23:22

After spending a week in Bombay, Ranjit who had driven in from Hyderabad, started his Rajasthan trip. After 9 hours,m he stopped at Ahmedabad for the night, and leaves for Jaislamer tomorrow.
Lots of potholes between Bombay and Vapi, but smooth sailing thereafter.  

Solution for the Hinjewadi Flyover junction traffic jams at last?
Here is an update form the Pune Bypass on NH4 - the junction has been seeing horrendous traffic jams - and it looks like a solution is now found

12 September 2010 at 23:27
I drove from Bombay to Pune & back and discovered that when you are coming from Aundh (Pune) to Bombay side, the right turn under Hinjewadi flyover has been prohibited, and all Bombay-bound traffic has to turn left south, go all the way till Sadanand and make a U-turn under the overpass to turn north towards Bombay
However, you still have the signal at the Hinjewadi junction when you return!
 Similarly, when you are coming from the south side, you cannot turn right towards Aundh
Maybe it is a better idea to go up the Hinjewadi flyover towards Hinjewadi, make a U-turn there and return to take left turn towards Bombay?
‎"Coming from Aundh, it might make sense to continue straight at Jagtap dairy and joining the highway via Dange Chowk." , heard on team-bhp
‎+1 , the jams have indeed gone now. Except for unruly idiots driving at breakneck speed there. One more thing is the signals are still to be followed as the left turn from hinjewadi to mumbai is still open and vehicles coming in from katra...j side tend to overspeed and there could be an accident. Although people dont follow the signals.
Alternatives to get to Wakad , Aundh are go ahead cross the bridge and take the underpass from the wakad turn (either take a U-turn come back on bypass and then take the left to goto aundh or go from Dange Chowk to Aundh)
Vehicles coming from Hinjewadi going to Aundh use the flyover and go straight via Jagtap Dairy etc , Vehicle going to Mumbai no change , take left from below the flyover as usual , vehicles going to Baner / Katraj / Satara side from Hinjewadi side take the Mumbai left get ahead towards the wakad underpass and take a u-turn to get on the opp side of the road.
Proper sign boards are in place for people going to Aundh/ Sangvi from Hinjewadi (on the NH4 as well as the underpass). There is a signal now below the Wakad underpass (road which goes to Dange Chowk , Chinchwad) to facilitate smooth movement of traffic.

Thanks for the detailed info, Jayaram. But I found the sign (for Bombay) at the Sadanand underpass very small, can be missed by anyone who is not familiar with the Pune bypass. Moreover, the sign does not indicate that you must do a U-turn, it is just pointing to go under the pass. But what is most irritating, I once found cops stopping and directing traffic. But I am bemused why they must have the signal now at Hinjewadi flyover, why not take the signals off, now that the right turns are no more there?
Sir, I was not talking about the Sadanand underpass, even if you miss the sadanand underpass and go ahead cross the hinjewadi flyover you have one more underpass ahead from where you can take a U to come back to Wakad / Aundh OR take the left from the underpass to go to Wakad / Aundh via Dange Chowk (Thergaon,Chinchwad). 
I agree that the signs are small ,they need to be big and point properly. 
The reason the signals still function at the hinjewadi flyover are because the left to Mumbai is still open and plus the octroi post near the signal . People tend to speed if the signal is not there thereby increasing the chances of colliding with a vehicle which is coming from hinjewadi and turning left towards Mumbai from under the flyover.

One more thing is ST/Asiad buses , long distance volvos tend to stop right after the flyover ahead (towards mumbai side) to pick/drop passengers as its the designated spot so the signals make sense there.

The original Mumbai bypass from Thane (coming from NH3 & NH8) to Panvel (to go to NH4 & NH17) - via Kalwa, Mumbra, Shil Phata & Taloja - is in a terrible condition

05 September 2010 at 08:13

terrible is not the word for it and after 10 pm truck traffic
Still authorities charge toll!!!
Toll is for the enjoyment of it all! Don't you pay for those rides in Essel World & Disney Land?
have you ever tried going via vitawa side after 10 pm dont even think of it if u want to be stuck in traffic for at least n hr
I believe the Vitawa bridge road is also very bad. Whenever I want to go that side, I always go via Airoli!
road is gud but very narrow

Isn't it irritating that they have a tunnel under Khambatki Ghat on NH4 when you are driving South-North to Pune, but climb up the ghat behind all those panting trucks when going towards Satara

30 August 2010 at 13:57

 They should have made a two way (3 lane each side) tunnel so that the old ghat road stands abandoned or kept for guys who like to have a go at the ghats.

Temporary night driving restrictions on Amboli Ghat, 6 pm - 7 am

29 August 2010 at 08:59 

On the Bombay-Kolhapur-Sawantwadi-Goa road
Where exactly is Tarkarli Beach?

26 August 2010 at 13:24

On NH17 Bombay-Goa Road, turn off at Kasal (23 kms north to Kanakavali, 39 kms south to Savantwadi, and go to Malvan which is 30 kms to the west. Tarkarli is 6 kms from Malvan town
If you are coming from Sawantwadi/Goa side, you can turn off NH17 at Kudal, which is 22 kms north of Sawantwadi
you can do some dolphin sightings and scuba diving there
But I think thanks to the MTDC monopoly, everything is frightfully expensive. No other hotel choices there
There are some homestay options available as well.Then there's one hotel Sagar Kinara near the jetty.
Scuba diving is not yet started, but they have snorkelling near the fort. MTDC is the only best option in tarkarli. Some homestays can be pathetic!! But its one of the best beaches I have ever seen with pristine water and clean beaches.
Asta Vinayak Tour Profile
IKg%3B&mra=ls&via=5&sll=19.038752%2C73.770447&sspn=1.461692%2C2.469177&ie=UTF8&ll=18.682675%2C73.907776&spn=1.464799%2C2.469177&z=9 25 August 2010 at 12:16

NH50 between Pune & Nashik to be be made 4-laned highways. 
Sangamaner town also to get bypass

13 August 2010 at 14:22 


NH17 between Bombay & Goa to be made into a 4-laned highway

13 August 2010 at 14:21

Did you know there is a road from malshej Ghat to Bhandardara without coming via Ale Phata? The route is Malshej Ghat-Kotul-Rajur (where you join the road coming from Ale via Akole)?

09 August 2010 at 15:36


Turn off at Otur towards Kotul when coming from Malshej

Info courtesy Asish Pallod

Driving the highways on the Aug 15 weekend? Think again, many are going to be on the road too. 
Bombayites - beware of the Lonavlas and the Pune e-ways.

03 August 2010 at 13:36